One Million Pixel People

By 22 Ottobre 2018events
Monday 5 November 2018 from 7.30 pm |
location : Studio Da Re | Via Rossini 6 | Bergamo | phone 035 250 264 | RSVP:


One Million Pixel People was born from the collaboration between :

Studio Fotografico Da Re which, in almost 100 years of history, has been able to understand and interpret the evolution of the world of photography both in the art and industrial fields

and Studeo group, creative agency that creates and develops experiential paths, sharing art and industry worlds sensibilities, through new multimedia and interactive narrative codes

The combination of these two types of experiences will allow to known the evolutionary advances of photographic technology through the interaction with photographs from over 500 Megapixel, video contributions in superwide screen, and flashes of 1 / 18,000 of a second

but also to present a new way of telling stories, values ​​and experience of a brand

through an interactive and spectacular solution that allowed Studeo group to get the exhibition design award in 2018 on the occasion of the 23rd edition of the Brand Identity Grand Prix prize dedicated to brand design and visual communication

A full immersive journey…

in a historical photo shoot…that has made the history of photography in Bergamo

Speakers :

Roberto Banfi |CEO & art director|

Paolo Da Re  |Studio Fotografico Da Re|

Nicola Pievani |project manager & video storyteller|

Umberto Da Re  |Studio Fotografico DaRe|